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The Pokeballiverse is where the events on Pokeball can happen. It is a universe that is, quite similar, to ours. Unlike our universe, time machines do exist there.


The Big Plop

The Pokeballiverse appeared out of nowhere ten billion years ago, but not as how our universe did. The Big Bang wasn't the Big Bang we wanted. It was instead known as "The Big Plop", and a chicken came out of nowhere and sat down then pooped out an egg which hatched into The Pokeballiverse.

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At this VERY minute, there are 600 million galaxies, with 500 trillion known stars, and 700 unknown stars.

Known Ones

  1. Bilioni-Xendra (Pokeball's galaxy home)
  2. Viltonia-866
  3. Drea
  4. Cerena-CoviZiztia
  5. Otherworld
  6. Anneweria


  1. The Pokeball Studios Wiki Staff's Spaceship is currently exploring the Pokeballiverse, and tracking down Covis.