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Hello! This is the founder of the Pokeball Studios Wiki. Please read these guidelines if you want to post in our Discussions, or edit my wiki!

1. Be sure to respect others. Any further trouble caused can result in a 2 week ban. Me and my bros have been treating each other always, so be like me!

2. Don't vandalize us. It is unkind to add off-topic infomation (For example, deleting all the writing in the Pokeballiverse page to just some random gibberish). Any more can result in a one year ban or a infinite block. (which last for a account's lifetime!)

3. Don't send stupid messages to someone else's wall, you know what they say? It is their wall, not yours.

4. Do not put swearing into any page. This type of content is fine when you add a notice at the top of the page that it is not for children aged 12 or under. This counts for violence as well. If this happens when there is swearing in a page without any notices, well, congrats! You got a infinite block!

5. Never be a sockpuppet. We seriously do not welcome any Andys, Covis, or Ariks here, in which they will be banned instantly when spotted.

Follow these, and our brand new wiki is safe! Thx! From Pokeballuser890

etc. productive. administrator! wall.